How to Hire a Cleaning Service

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The typical length of time in business for a cleaning service is under a year. Give that some consideration. Imagine if your typical supermarket only stayed open for a year. Alternatively, picture a world where the typical hospital only stayed open for a year.

Irregularities would inevitably arise. It's highly unlikely that you'll pick the right hospital. That, too, is a reality in the Destin, Florida, cleaning service market, and it shows no signs of abating. You would be sorely mistaken to imagine that finding a house cleaning service is as simple as flipping through the yellow pages.

The bright side, though, is that... There is a difference between cleaning companies. Maid services do not all operate in the same manner. Moreover, not all maid services fail within a year. Just follow these guidelines and you'll have the best maid service in no time.

The number one piece of advice is to be sure that any professionals you engage are both qualified and insured. Your housekeeper's insurance covers any potential losses should anything happen to your home or possessions while they are in their care. A General Liability Insurance policy is a must for any housekeeper you hire. Check that your home is protected for at least $300,000 under the policy. The importance of having strong bonds cannot be overstated. Nobody from your maid service is likely to steal anything from your house. It's important to verify that your maid has a Surety Bond in place, just in case. In the event of a break-in, you and your home are protected by the bond.

Rule No. 2: Make sure the housekeepers you hire are covered by workers' comp. This is essential. If there is no workers' compensation coverage in place and the maid slashes her finger while cleaning the kitchen, you will be responsible for the medical bills. This also applies to any accidents that occur while you are away from home. Even the commute in your personal vehicle between the office and your house falls inside your purview of responsibility. So, check that the maid service you hire has workers' compensation. If a cleaning business cannot or does not want to give you with a copy of their insurance coverage, do not use their services.

Thirdly, when hiring a maid, make sure they have a clean criminal record. While many prefer to use professional cleaners, some opt out. It's acceptable for people to employ cleaners on an individual basis. If you insist on using a private maid, though, you should still check her background yourself. Sure, it'll hurt your wallet a little, but you wouldn't let a random person into your home to clean it, would you? In addition, if you choose to engage a household cleaning service, you should ensure that each staff has a clean criminal record before beginning work. Upon your request, the cleaning service must show evidence that its employees have passed a criminal background check.

Fourth Piece of Advice: If you want an honest, reliable, and hard working maid service to assist you with your cleaning needs, the aforementioned three pieces of advice are crucial. However, you'll also need the contact information for a reliable cleaning service. The average person at home can find a phone number by flipping through the yellow pages. If you need to find something, just hop on Google or Yahoo and do a search. In all likelihood, one of your neighbours is already employing the services of a professional cleaner. In this case, a referral from a neighbour is another viable option. While looking for a local cleaning service, there is one thing you should never do. Don't jump at the lowest maid rate; that's no guarantee of quality service. Anyone can launch a cleaning service because there is little to no barrier to entry. In the end, everyone can start their own cleaning business. Given the low cost of operation, offering low prices is simple. To tell the truth is a challenge. It is challenging to always be punctual. It's not simple to work hard day after day. Pick up the yellow pages and pose the proper inquiries!


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